Wednesday, June 29, 2011

After a long break from markets, Ive been very "slack" to report on all the other happenings on the Sissy and Bro front!
Thanks to some of my very supportive retailers, ( Lamington in Noosa) and Ragamuffins in NZ) to name a few, have been keeping me very busy, not to mention the online orders Ive been receiving. Its been great to see the product is moving nicely into the other States.

Ive been working on new dress designs and skirts recently, tricking up with the usual details I like to add... Im also working on little singlet tops adding a some "sparkle" to them.

There will be some new hats coming soon, cute fish print for the boys and novel details added to the Ryder bucket hat block that always continues to be a hit.
For the girls, more detail added to the hats as well... look out for frilly ruffles, some beading detail to give you a hint.

That's all for now, am back to the sewing machine to finish off some more online orders.

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