Thursday, December 16, 2010

The end is near...

Just one more market this Saturday at Sister's Market and 5 more orders to do!

I'm counting the days to christmas. I still havent done my Christmas shopping, but atleast I have the list ready phew!! Next year's focus is less markets and more time on focusing on the direction on Sissy and Bro.

Tiny Tacker's Dancing little chickens skirt

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter had her first dancing conert and of course I was some how roped into making 8 skirts!! Here's a couple of shots of my hard work that I spent a whole night doing...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Spring is here!

Sissy and Bro's new spring collection is on the way.... Ive been hunting and gathering some beautiful fabrics and trims and I cant wait to start piecing it all together.

The wonderful Kim Selby aka Kim Selby Photography will be doing the shoot right here in the Macedon Ranges. We have lots of gorgeous little models ready to shoot the runway.

All we need is some nice sunny weather and Kim and the models will do the rest!

We'll also be launching our buntings onto the website and our matching pictures to dress up the walls for the nursery.

The photo above is a taste of our spring range , called the "Sundae Delight" skirt which should be available sometime next month.

Also, a special thanks to Nikki Tandy from Babyology who wrote a fabulous article about us after she popped into to visit our stall at the Sisters Market in Brunswick. There will be some nice little goodies coming your way for your little ones!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Check out Sissy and Bro on Made it

With so little time these days to manage my blog, I have finally put Sissy and Bro on Made it. I have been busy organising new photos for the site to promote our new designs, such as our new transeasonal which I named "Charlie" . Good "unisex" name. (plus one of my friend's little cherub is a "Charlie" and she's a cutey so I had to name one of my blocks after her!! I have featured some of these caps below. With James wearing the navy cord & tartan cap and little Miss Scarlett wearing the wild rose cap. Cant wait to see these featured on the site!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sisters Market Brunswick.
Winter is here and what a great day for buying those warm winter pieces! It was a very busy day with lots of sales on our cute little Coco skirt and our new winter cap which we launched recently. The fabrics are nicely mixed and well complimented with their trims. It was a crazy day for bibs and hair accessories too. I will seriously need to get back onto my machine and make up some more beautiful pieces for next week's Sugar and Spice Market in Woodend. I hope to introduce a couple of new pieces for next weeks event.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Market day Sisters at St Kilda Town Hall

What a day! We've introduced the start of our Autumn pieces. The sweetest skirt (A.K.A. Coco) that has the best mix of fabrics with the cutest pkt& button detail. A definite C& C piece( Cute and Classy), catered only for the young at heart. Plus heaps of interest on the Sally top, especially in the cherry blossom design, who knew!
Stay tuned for the new pieces I'm working on that will take us into the coming months as we start getting cooler .... the hats & clothes are gonna get more exciting!
Photo previews to follow.....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Website is now Live!

It's finally out there, please check out our website and view our beautiful products.
Soon we'll have a Gallery of pictures which shows you just how fabulous they look on the little cherubs.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Website is coming!

I'm very excited to announce Sissy and Bro website will go live over the next week, please stay tuned for more information about new products coming up.